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Texecom Connect transforms the experience of interacting with and automating your home or business. It provides an environment where you want to interact and enjoy the new possibilities open to you, delivering the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in complete control.

Texecom Connect uses technology to make your life easier. The app has been carefully designed to provide you quick access to a host of features, allowing you to tailor the app experience to your own personal and particular needs, without resorting to complicated programming.


Central to the Texecom Connect App experience is the timeline. Events are clearly presented, giving you instant access to review events that have transpired and also to plan and modify predicted events or changes in system status.

This ‘at a glance’ timeline allows you to manage your connected security system how you want to. You may choose to manage by exception, and only be notified and interact when changes or events occur that differ from what you expect. 

Alternatively you may want to actively manage your property and make regular changes to the alarm and home automation functions. Whatever you choose, it is all made possible from a clear and unambiguous status screen.


Any device that is connected to the system can be used to create home automation effects. Devices can be a mix of security alarm components or home automation products. 

Devices are allocated to rooms within the Texecom Connect App, which makes locating devices and creating home automation recipes from multiple devices easy and intuitive.


The calendar offers a detailed day-by-day record of the previous two weeks events, with one week of recorded video footage. By accessing the calendar, you can view past activity including device activations, home automation recipes and system mode changes.


Recorded camera footage can be viewed directly from the calendar as well as the option to view live camera footage.



Recipes are a user-friendly way of describing the programming actions that are used for automation. The Texecom Connect App is programmed on the basis of ‘cause and effect’. 

A range of recipes can be grouped into system modes, so certain recipes only take place depending on the mode of the system (in the example above, you might want to have the app message when someone is at your front door to occur in modes when you are away from the premises).

Connect your life to your home and your security

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